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      Guizhou Shanmeng New Material Co., Ltd, a new construction material enterprise integrating R&D, production, and sales. Its first factory is located in the Summer Capital----Shawen Eco Tech Park, High Tech Zone, Guiyang. Its second factory is located in Pingbaxiayun Industrial Park. And its operation center sits in Building 9, Datangdongyuan......[+More]

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  • HDPE hollow plastic coil pipe.

    HDPE hollow plastic

    HDPE hollow plastic coil pipe.Product DescriptionHDPE hollow wall plastic steel winding drain pipe is made of high-density polyethylene (PE), and the
  • Steel plastic composite wound pipe of hollow wall.

    Steel plastic compos

    Steel plastic composite wound pipe of hollow wall.Product DescriptionThis pipe is made of steel-plastic composite strip by the spiral wound (strip pro
  • High density polyethylene structural wall B wound pipe (KCR)

    High density polyeth

    High density polyethylene structural wall B wound pipe (KCR)Product DescriptionThe high density polyethylene structural wall thermal winding pipe (KCR
  • Polyethylene plastic coil pipe.

    Polyethylene plastic

    Polyethylene plastic coil pipe.Product DescriptionHDPE polyethylene plastic wrap pipe is a high-tech composite pipe product with independent intellect
  • Polyethylene steel with enhanced spiral lines corrugated pipe

    Polyethylene steel w

    Polyethylene Steel With Enhanced Spiral Lines Corrugated PipeProduct DescriptionIt is a new product with new connection method, developed by our compa
  • Glass fiber with reinforced plastic and sand inclusion steel pipe

    Glass fiber with rei

    GlassFiber Reinforced Plastic Mortar pipe》Product DescriptionFRPM (FRPM) is a new type of advanced composite material with resin as basic material, g
  • MUHDPE Alloy pipe

    MUHDPE Alloy pipe

    MUHDPE Alloy Pipe》Product DescriptionMUHDPE used ultra high molecular weight polyolefin alloy tube, ultra high molecular weight copolymer compatibili
  • Environmental friendly MPVE double wall corrugated pipe

    Environmental friend

    Environmental-Friendly MPVE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe.》Product DescrptionEnvironmental friendly MPVE corrugated pipe used polymer blend modificatio
  • MUHDPE Alloy stress framework wall winding pipe

    MUHDPE Alloy stress

    MUHDPE Alloy Stress Framework Wall Winding Pipe》Product DescrptionThe MUHDPE alloy stress support structure wall winding pipe is a kind of pipe with
  • HDPE double wall corrugated pipe.

    HDPE double wall cor

    HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe.》Product DescriptionAdopted the advanced composite technology and the high strength of polypropylene material. Used
  • Single wall corrugated pipe of GHFB square

    Single wall corrugat

    Single Wall Corrugated Pipe of GHFB Square》Product DescriptionUsed polypropylene as the main raw materials, the company has manufactured the new type
  • HPPM Squared electrical double wall corrugated pipe

    HPPM Squared electri

    HPPM squared Electrical Double Wall Corrugated Pipe》Product DescriptionThis is a new pipe wall material using polypropylene as the main raw material
  • Lined with CPVC FRP compound cable protection pipe

    Lined with CPVC FRP

    Lined With CPVC FRP Compound Cable Protection Pipe.》Product DescriptionThis pipe is the third generation of the new cable protection sleeve, is the n
  • Modified polypropylene (MPP) protection pipe for power cable

    Modified polypropyle

    Modified Polypropylene (MPP) Protection Pipe For Power Cable.》Product DescriptionUsed modified polypropylene as the main raw materials and adopted sp
  • CPVC power protection pipe.

    CPVC power protectio

    CPVC Power Protection Pipe》Product DescriptionCPVC power tube is characterized by high strength, good flexibility, high temperature resistance, corro

未标题-12.png、Leading production equipment

   The company has introduced several world-class 

production equipments, specializing in wide range

of environmental –friendly pipes...

未标题-13.png、Advanced Equipment

    The company has the most advanced production

 equipment in China to ensure the stable quality

 of products and meet the market demand. Whilst....

未标题-14.png、R&D Team

    The company adheres to "customer first, quality first, service first" to meet customer needs. It has the

professional new product research and development....

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